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What should (and shouldn't) I wear?

Below are detailed suggestions for everyone in your group. A few more things to keep in mind: Be sure everyone in the photo is dressed for the same season, and less is more when it comes to accessories. 


DON’T WEAR: Short “shift” dresses, dresses with stiff fabric, maxi dresses with no defining features, baggy tops (purposefully slouchy or oversized is okay), stiff or boxy fabric, which can crease and fold in all the wrong places, and jersey knit fabric, which can show undergarment lines.

WEAR THIS INSTEAD: I highly recommend dresses, because the right dress can be the most flattering piece on every body shape. Look for dresses with flowy fabric and defining features. Tops and sweaters that can be tucked into pants or skirts, or waist-defining blouses are also great options.

Men and Boys

DON’T WEAR: Neon colors, large brand logos, overpowering patterns.

WEAR THIS INSTEAD: Rather than overpowering patterns and logos, try plaid or solid color button-up shirts or sweaters. Fun patterns that go with a particular look are also okay. For example, a funky pattern or bold stripes make sense if you are going for a retro look.

Children and Toddlers

DON’T WEAR: Character tops and graphic tees with busy patterns.

WEAR THIS INSTEAD: Instead of characters or trends, try solid shirts, stripes or patterns. Graphic tees with fun sayings are also okay.


DON’T WEAR: Onesies that are two sizes too big, large bows, oversized ruffles and frills, thick or puffy vests that bunch up at the neck.

WEAR THIS INSTEAD: Simple onesies, plain dresses and adorable rompers or overalls are timeless pieces that look great on every baby. Pair outfits with a beanie or simple headband to accessorize.

Don’t forget about the shoes!

Shoes are a part of the outfit and should match the style of clothing you have picked. If everyone is wearing dressy/boho vibe clothes, you should not be wearing Nike tennis shoes or Old Navy flip flops. If the collective ensemble is leaning towards a retro/modern feel, then black shiny dress shoes and cowboy boots do not mesh well. Shoes should always complement the overall outfit or be as neutral as possible!

Source: https://www.myclickmagazine.com/what-not-to-wear-for-photos/

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