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Where should we go for the session?

Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati have no shortage of amazing areas for photos. A few of my favorites are Smale Park, Eden Park, and George Rogers Clark Park. Unfortunately, these are also the favorites of most local photographers, so they are often crowded. I am more than happy to meet you in these beautiful parks for your session, but I can also suggest some hidden gems that you may not have considered!

A fantastic option is having your session in a studio. There are two huge advantages to using a studio, 1) We don't have to worry about weather. You won't have to worry about sweating, freezing, or fighting with your hair in the wind. It can be raining actual cats and dogs and we'll still make photographic magic happen!  2) We don't have to worry about crowds. We'll get to maximize our time together instead of waiting on a car to pass in the background, or a guy in his way too short running shorts to run by. (And if we're at Eden Park, you won't have to answer your kids when they ask why it smells like skunk!)  Studios can also give your session a particular vibe that you wouldn't accomplish at a park, such as modern, classic, or boho. Studios are usually only about $35-45 per hour to rent, and absolutely worth every penny!

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